2018 Program Materials

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1.7.18 – "From God or Men?"

When some Pharisees questioned Jesus about His authority, He answered by asking whether John’s baptism was from God or men. Whether our authority is from God or men matters to our souls.

1.14.18 – "Revive Us Again"

Men naturally seem to tire and lose sight of what is important spiritually. Nations become apathetic and immoral. How can we restore in our hearts the fervor of our faith? What can we do to come alive spiritually?

1.21.18 – "Restoring Christianity"

With so many churches and different kinds of Christians, it is no wonder people are confused about what God desires from us. Is there a way to restore the Christian faith found in the New Testament?

1.28.18 – "What Lack I Yet?"

The rich young ruler wanted eternal life but lacked a necessary quality to please God would have him. Others today lack necessary qualities to please the Lord. While God’s grace saves, God expects His people to do His will.